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One of the UK’s leading telemarketing agencies

"We engage you with your ideal prospects, increasing your new business pipeline in a measurable, qualified and focused manner."

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We work with you, acting as a support mechanism to generate you new business opportunities by using a targeted, researched and quality telemarketing campaign.

We are a high-level telemarketing agency, not a ‘smile and dial’ call centre. We spend the time constructing a campaign and identifying what success looks like to you before any calls are made. 

Understanding your objectives, your ‘hooks’ and your prospect market is key to ensuring each and every call is meaningful. For Novus, quality will always win out.

2 Founders. 1 Family

Justin and Henry Waddilove, a focused and driven father and son duo pulled their passion, expertise and dedication to form Novus in 2017. Since then, Novus has experienced substantial on-going growth, thanks to the team of dedicated, commercially experienced individuals that have the same ethos as Justin and Henry, and are now part of Team Novus. Quality, growth and the establishment of long-term business relationships that allow our clients and Novus to grow profitable new business opportunities are all part of the Novus DNA.

Welcome to the Novus journey.


Working with you and your team, Novus will generate you new business opportunities through quality, qualified and expert telemarketing campaigns, tailored to your requirements.

We do not ask for lengthy agreements, nor vast set up fees, allowing you to engage with Novus on a ‘switch on / switch off’ basis. 

We operate with integrity and transparency and are experts in increasing our client’s new business pipeline.


TeamNovus are made up of dedicated, commercially experienced and expert set of  individuals who understand and are a part of the Novus DNA. 

Proudly founded and spearheaded by a focused and driven father and son duo, Justin and Henry Waddilove established Novus in 2017. 

Along with all of TeamNovus, Justin and Henry live and breath the Novus ethos of quality, growth and building meaningful long term relationships.

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