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B2B Telemarketing can be a great way to grow your business, but it’s hard to master and run vast campaigns. Get in touch with us to see how we’re growing businesses through it today.

‘Working successfully for industry-leading companies shows the expertise Novus have in B2B telemarketing’


There is a need to find appropriate clients with other companies and build a trusting and beneficial relationship. Our company specialises in providing B2B telemarketing to all of our clients to expand their reach and gather feedback. It is suitable for qualifying prospects, creating awareness, conducting research, lead generation, and building partnerships. Our goal is to help your sales team by generating quality leads for your business.

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Define Your Objectives

We help you discover the best campaign for your company by figuring out the size, length, and operational hours of the campaign.  Before any campaign starts we need to do the proper market research for your business.

Next, our experts learn about your company and you provide us with any necessary information we might need. This helps us to compose the script we will use to capture attention and build value. This is done via a targeted briefing call/face to face appointment with you.

Campaign Launch

We start the telemarketing campaign by contacting your prospects. As the campaign goes on, we work on refining the laid out script to coincide with the new information we got from making the calls. We regularly evaluate and monitor these calls to determine the progress of the campaign.

Results of the Campaign

After the campaign, we present a report showing a full break down of the campaign. From this, we highlight areas that require attention to yield better results. We also identify all of the prospects that need additional follow-up by qualified sales reps. 


B2B marketing and telemarketing are often confused by many to be the same, and while there might be certain similarities between the two, their distinctions are noteworthy.

B2B stands for Business-to-business and is the commercial transaction or exchange from one business to another.  Telemarketing is a marketing strategy used by a salesperson to influence prospective customers to buy goods or services via a phone call. Essentially it aims to help your business generate leads. The unification of these two terms gives us B2B telemarketing, which is simply a suite of services designed to promote awareness and establish relationships amongst businesses through phone calls.

Phone calls serve as a channel for companies to reach out to prospects to forge mutually beneficial alliances and market their products. Today, you can use our B2B telemarketing services for lead generation, prospect qualification, partnerships, brand awareness, and marketing research.

Based on the primary objective of your business, your B2B telemarketing campaign may vary. Choosing the wrong approach may lead to unfavourable results. Hence, you need to understand each of them and how they function, that is the key to affecting b2b appointment setting.

Outbound Lead Generation 

This is where your telemarketers proactively call up possible buyers or prospects based on a targeted contact list regardless of whether they have asked for it or expressed an interest in your product. This practice is called “Cold Calling”.

It’s called “Cold” because prospects don’t have the slightest inkling about your product or brand and you’re introducing it to them for the first time. Here, your telemarketers directly communicate with the decision-maker of the business to generate interest in their business and explore ways your services can fit in with the prospect’s goals.

Based on a series of pre-qualifying questions, prospects are assessed to ensure they have the required quality. Should they pass, an immediate follow-up will be carried out to foster and nurture the sales lead generation for future business.

Only with a proper telemarketing strategy can you get the best results possible. Get in touch to find out how we can help you with that.

Inbound Support 

In this case, your business prospects will call you to inquire about the product or services. Initial awareness is the difference between outbound and inbound. In inbound, there is already interest in the part of the caller and as such, it requires little or no convincing.  You only need to create a dedicated inbound team who will be in charge of answering these qualified sales leads.

When you acquire qualified prospects based on these calls, your team can schedule follow-ups with the qualified leads. It is also important to send follow up materials to your callers via email or text regardless of their level of qualification. This is to remind them of your value. 

Outbound Support 

This is where your telemarketers call up prospects to boost other campaigns. A good example would be if you were hosting an event and you needed a large audience, you can call them prior to your event to increase the number of attendees. You can also forward invitations by mass media or direct emails to make them aware of the details.

The Benefits of telemarketing B2B

B2B telemarketing success is mostly attributed to your ability to generate a targeted contact list that contains the details of potential customers. You must have identified their need for your services or products before adding them to the list.

Below are the benefits your sales team stand to gain from B2B Telemarketing:

  • You have the privilege of finding and sorting out businesses that fit your requirements 

  • It enables you to increase your brand awareness by having direct conversations with potential customers. 

  • It also allows you to build your image, goodwill, and credibility among existing and future customers. 

  • It puts you in place for new opportunities arising from the consistent flow of new relationships being nurtured and added to the marketing mix.

  • It provides an avenue to create relevant dialogues with current partners

  • B2B telemarketing is perfect for high-value products and services.

  • It helps you to know more about your business and what can be done to promote it. 

Why is IT a Great Strategy?

Leverages Active Marketing:

The most common B2B marketing strategy today involves creating content, media posts, and designing websites (passive marketing). While all these are good strategies that generally works for long term brand building, it also takes a significant amount of time and budget as opposed to active marketing.

Active marketing involves continuously reaching out to prospects until you get in touch with them. It not only produces a higher Return on investment (ROI), it also increases lead generation and nurturing initiatives by having direct conversations with prospects. For many, it is the final jigsaw of the marketing puzzle. 

B2B telemarketing could take your business to the next level, especially if you have a professional team of telemarketers at your service. 

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