Lead Generation For Insurance Brokers

Novus empowers insurance brokers with cutting-edge lead generation services, leveraging advanced strategies to connect you with high-quality prospects. Elevate your business, boost conversions, and stay ahead in the competitive insurance landscape with Novus.

Lead generation campaigns specialised for insurance companies

Novus redefines lead generation for insurance companies, going beyond the conventional to offer a comprehensive business development experience. Our targeted telemarketing campaigns are strategically crafted for specific insurance audiences, ensuring a tailored approach.

We are your committed partner throughout the campaign cycle, from identifying potential clients to securing new business. Our focus is solely on achieving optimal outcomes for insurance professionals. Every aspect of our lead generation services is carefully curated to address the unique needs and challenges of the insurance industry, guaranteeing a successful and impactful campaign.

Novus crafts bespoke lead generation campaigns exclusively designed for insurance companies, ensuring precision in targeting your ideal audience.

We go beyond traditional lead generation by providing full-spectrum support in business development. From initial outreach to nurturing, our strategies cover every aspect of your growth journey.

Novus seamlessly integrates into your sales cycle, actively participating at every stage. Benefit from our expertise as we enhance your prospect engagement, driving conversions and maximising your revenue potential.

Working With Us
Start your journey with us by booking a call to discuss your business goals, growth plans and ambitions for your practice
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Get in touch with us to find out how we can build telemarketing campaigns to generate leads for professional insurance brokers.

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Tell us about your objectives, services, audience, and what you require insights on. We’ll build a telemarketing campaign from there.
Generate Leads
With all the information, we’ll roll out the telemarketing lead generation campaign and bring in the results you need.
Getting Quality Leads Through Telemarketing

Our focus on quality over quantity means that every lead generated through our telemarketing efforts is meticulously vetted, ensuring an alignment with the unique services of insurance professionals. By using our industry expertise, we implement our telemarketing campaigns aiming to deliver high-quality leads and opportunities that have the potential to convert into long-lasting client relationships, contributing to the sustained growth and success of insurance practices.

Hear What Our Clients Say About Us

Hear What Our Clients Say About Us

Why Work With Novus?

Tailored to your budget

Collaborating closely, we align our services with your budgetary needs, ensuring an effective and cost-efficient partnership.

Transparent pricing

With Novus, there are no surprises. You pay exactly what we quote, eliminating any hidden fees and providing you with clarity in our commitment to transparency.

Assured return on investment (ROI)

Our core proficiency lies in lead generation through telemarketing, guaranteeing that your investment yields the desired returns. Partner with Novus for a results-driven strategy tailored to secure your ROI.

Learn how you can have meaningful conversations with your prospects

Once you send us a message we’ll get in touch to arrange a time to go through everything with you. Giving you insight into how we get results for our clients, and potentially how we can help you.

What you'll get from the call:

Speak to a telemarketing expert to find out how Novus can help your business grow.

Hear about how we get results with our clients, producing many times the ROI of their spend with us.

A clear understanding of how your business fits with telemarketing.

Understand the steps and timelines involved to run a successful campaign together.

What we offer insurance lead generation companies

Novus provides a suite of top-tier services tailored for insurance lead generation companies, ensuring a comprehensive and effective approach to online visibility and lead conversion.

Appointment setting

Novus excels in appointment-setting services, facilitating direct engagement between insurance providers and potential clients. Highly skilled telemarketers from Novus initiate outbound calls, identify prospects interested in insurance products, and schedule appointments for our client’s sales team.

Strategic telemarketing

Novus employs strategic telemarketing techniques to maximise the impact of insurance lead-generation campaigns. Through a carefully crafted script and a deep understanding of the insurance industry, our telemarketers communicate value propositions effectively, address customer concerns, and create a positive impression.

Market research surveys

Novus recognises the importance of market intelligence in shaping effective insurance strategies. We conduct market research surveys to gather valuable insights into customer preferences, industry trends, and competitive landscapes.

Database management

Novus places a strong emphasis on the accuracy and relevance of customer databases. We offer comprehensive database management services, ensuring that client databases are up-to-date and contain accurate contact information.

Performance reporting

Novus understands the importance of data-driven decision-making. We provide detailed and customised performance reports, offering insights into key metrics such as call conversion rates, lead quality, and overall campaign effectiveness.

Comprehensive lead tracking

To scale your insurance lead generation campaigns, meticulous lead tracking is crucial. At Novus, we analyse the source of every lead, along with the platforms, ads, and pages that influenced their journey.

We guarantee high-quality and high-intent insurance leads

Achieve successful insurance lead conversions through a consistent influx of high-intent inbound inquiries.

Progressive lead generation for insurance brokers

Novus doesn’t just generate leads, but provides full business development support, ensuring growth and new customer acquisition
Abandoning cold calls in favor of online lead generation with a focus on the moment of high customer interest.
We determine the optimal campaign size, duration, and operational hours through thorough market research. A targeted briefing call or face-to-face meeting helps gather essential information to craft an attention-grabbing script that builds value.
We determine the optimal campaign size, duration, and operational hours through thorough market research. A targeted briefing call or face-to-face meeting helps gather essential information to craft an attention-grabbing script that builds value.

Getting New Business For Insurance Brokers

Full Control Over Your Pipeline

When you’re able to increase or decrease the number of clients you draw interest from, helps you to plan properly and forecast accurately.

Optimal Resource and Time Usage

We’ll handle generating leads, which means you can focus on the core services of your business. Once we have them, you can allocate specific hours to sales and BD meetings.

Access to Telemarketing Professionals

Our team of telemarketing specialists leverage their skills in generating high-quality leads, ensuring your meetings add value to your insurance profession.

Strategising To Achieve Your Goals
At Novus, we’ll approach our telemarketing lead generation strategy with your end goal in mind. Our dynamic strategies are designed to be adaptable to your specific campaign needs and will be your team player in ensuring you make meaningful connections in line with your targets. With expertise in the telemarketing field and trained sales professionals on your side, we collaborate to ensure your ROI is maximised.

Focus on Income Generating Activities
When you outsource your telemarketing and lead generation activities, it means you get to focus on doing what you’re good at and what your clients pay for. Allowing yourself and your insurance team to work with clients that will bring income, ensures that your business’s cashflow is taken care of.

Establishing Target Audiences
When you work with Novus, our dynamic approach means that we not only use telemarketing techniques to generate leads that will lead to meaningful relationships, but we can also implement our skills to research other relevant audiences. Our knowledge of the insurance sector and current market demands, ensures that we can bring additional value by investigating new prospects, possibly expanding on your current target audiences.

Exclusive Leads from Novus

Open doors to your future customers who are already searching online with our advanced lead generation strategies. We don’t just provide contact information – we generate exclusive leads by identifying their needs, current pricing, and decision timelines.
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