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B2B Telemarketing Frequently Asked Questions

As you might have guessed, we completely disagree with these people. Here’s why…

With up-to-date, targeted data, alongside a strong, relevant marketing hook, telemarketing is one of the most pro-active, successful forms of marketing available, whilst always delivering a clear return on investment.

We directly reach and speak with your prospects (or clients) regarding your offering, knowing that it will help solve their pain (even if they didn’t know they have the pain). Speaking with your prospect allows us to discuss freely the issues they are facing, whilst letting our team ask and explaining relevant points around your offering to help close to the required campaign objectives – benefiting both you and your prospect.

An added benefit of telemarketing is the genuine insight gained into your prospects via detailed calling notes – a level of knowledge and quality you don’t get elsewhere…. invaluable to many companies.

Despite sounding similar, telemarketing and telesales are very different services – although they are sometimes interchangeable depending on the aims of your campaign.

Telesales is used to directly sell a company’s products or services on the phone and is frequently described as the dreaded “cold calling”.

Telemarketing, our area of expertise, is much more about building a relationship and has much wider possibilities. It focuses on lead generation, prospecting, appointment-setting and / or can be used to support other marketing activities which our clients may be involved in, such as client surveys and market research.

Dedicated, expert callers – perhaps the most obvious reason would be the potential lack of a dedicated, expert callers in your team. It is not all about having a good script, it is about being able to clearly express yourself quickly, whilst also sounding confident and persuasive under pressure. Our experienced telemarketing team improvise based on the direction that the call takes; do your own staff have these qualities? We use certain well-practiced phrases naturally, capturing the prospect’s attention, before using elements of the script to draw further interest before successfully reaching the objective of the call.

Increase productivity – your core business is not telemarketing so why spend precious time and effort on setting up and managing an in-house team doing this. Even if you did – you are not experts in telemarketing so would you get the most out of the team? Forming a link with Novus allows you to focus on other areas of the business that need attention and play to your strengths. We often find that our client’s sales team are more productive and efficient in securing sales when they don’t spend time on telemarketing duties – something that no sales team really likes to do!

Time – This aligns with the above paragraph nicely, but did you know on average it takes 5 calls to get through to the decision maker of a prospect? Time is overlooked with B2B telemarketing, people often underestimate quite how much resource has to be allocated for a successful telemarketing campaign. Working with experts like Novus ensures time is managed and worked in the best ways possible.

Cost – everything from physical office space, to compliant calling software, to HR resource, to training and salaries and managing holiday and campaign dates. Keeping telemarketing in house can add up, not to mention take a substantial amount of your and your colleague’s time away from your day-to-day roll to ensure the smooth set up and running of the team (trust us when we say this isn’t time light!).

Flexibility – something often over looked but it shouldn’t be. The ability to ‘switch on and off’ your telemarketing depending on your requirements at the time ensures our clients get a realistic ROI on their campaign and don’t waste resource and finance in those sad moments when telemarketing is not being used.

Compliance – GDPR, data protection, CTPS / TPS – these are just a few areas of compliance which are core to the very running of Novus. Without considering compliance in these areas, you could be looking at large fines. Without the right processes, experience and knowledge, a seemingly straight forward telemarketing campaign could leave you unknowingly exposed.

Reporting results – with our state of the art calling software, at the end of every campaign we produce and deliver our clients a detailed Campaign Report, showing a snapshot of the campaign figures. Everything from number of calls to number of out offices are all clearly shown on one easy to read page. Perfect for sharing with superiors and colleagues who want to see campaign results. Alongside this, we produce their updated dataset with all caller responses, notes and updated records (new phone numbers, latest contact names etc).

Quite simply, no.

Successful marketing is a jigsaw of different approaches and telemarketing is one of those pieces. We often find telemarketing is a fantastic close to a marketing campaign in order to reach the objective of the campaign. Postal, Email, PPC and social are all great forms of marketing and with telemarketing used to actively complete the objective you will maximise your potential to meet and exceed your marketing campaign objectives.

In most cases you would provide your targeted prospect data for us to use. The quality of your dataset is critical to your campaign’s success. With this in mind, we would be happy to advise on what Novus thinks good data should look like or indeed recommend relevant data providers when appropriate if you do not have your own targeted prospect list.

We write and use a client approved bespoke script for every campaign. This ensures our clients are content on the output of the message we are delivering for them. In reality, whilst calling, the Novus team use the script only as a framework, rather than word for word, refering to the detail in the script to clarify and confirm our clients specific details and offering.

We work with a broad and varied range of clients across a number of sectors / industries.

However, regardless of how much or how little we know of a profession, our robust processes ensure that we always work with our clients to ensure a strong, expert brief is agreed and communicated.

Before any campaign, we fully brief our callers with this relevant knowledge, feeding back any questions they may have for you. Where required, our clients are also welcome to directly discuss their campaign with the relevant caller to fully install confidence in both parties.

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