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‘Working successfully with many of the top 50 national and regional accountancy practices shows the expertise and knowledge Novus have in this field’

We work with a number of respected accounting practices on a regular basis, many of whom are top 50 firms in the UK. One of our founders comes from 16+ years as a sales director at board level within ‘Top 20’ UK based accounting firms, allowing Novus to have a real insight into what you need and expect when using telemarketing for accountants. 

It is safe to say that having ‘been in your shoes,’ we truly understand the importance and expertise needed around telemarketing for accountants in order for your campaign to be a success. 

NOVUS Are Here To Help You

When marketing efforts for lawyers fail to produce desired results, it’s most likely there were challenges faced when trying to effectively connect with leads. Many marketing strategies focus solely on creating awareness, often falling short of converting leads into meaningful conversations that could result in business. The most impactful method for acquiring new clients involves face-to-face interactions, but convincing prospects to engage requires a specialised approach.

This is where Novus Business Connection can help. We are dedicated to providing Lawyers with a unique solution for B2B telemarketing. Our telemarketing services are tailored to effectively reach and engage B2B clients, showcasing the diverse legal services lawyers offer. We facilitate connections with companies seeking legal expertise, whether for navigating employee legalities, offering retainers for HR-related issues, or obtaining an interest in comprehensive corporate legal services.

Novus offers more than just prospects; we present an opportunity to connect with potential clients, understand their challenges, and demonstrate the distinctive value and solutions your legal services bring to the table. Our approach goes beyond creating awareness; it builds meaningful connections, ensuring lawyers stand out in their profession.

Example accountancy campaigns we regularly work on:
  • Research and Development

  • Capital allowance 

  • Audit

  • OSA (outsource statutory accounts)

  • Grants 

  • Event booking / follow ups

  • OMB services 

  • NFP services

  • Client surveys 


Understanding the distinct objectives of your B2B telemarketing campaign forms the blueprint for the work we deliver. Through collaborative briefing sessions, we delve into the details of your legal practice and the services you offer, ensuring we take a comprehensive approach that leaves no potential prospect unexplored. Our commitment is to understand your ROI goals and align our strategy with the requirements of your target market.

After ensuring our approach aligns with your objectives, we launch the campaign based on the factors that resonate with your target audience, prompting engagement. Whether you want to boost face-to-face interactions or virtual meetings through phone, video, or webinars, our focus is on cultivating qualified and meaningful appointments rather than chasing high numbers.

By using our industry expertise and extensive B2B telemarketing experience, we aim to convert leads by unpacking the details that others might overlook. At Novus, our team engages in all calls at a peer-to-peer level, ensuring a genuine connection and representing your legal services in the best way.

At Novus, we’re committed to quality. From the initial call to appointment setting, we prioritise excellence, providing you with appointments that offer the optimal opportunity to secure new business in the B2B legal sector.

Just as we have successfully fueled the growth of accounting firms, we bring a track record of positive results to the legal sector. Our focus on delivering a strong ROI to our clients ensures that the quality permeating every aspect of our service translates into tangible success for lawyers.
Novus uniquely blends a deep understanding of the legal profession, with our founders boasting years of experience in working with some of the UK’s top-tier lawyers.

Co-founder Justin Waddilove’s extensive experience as a Sales Director positions us as your partner in success when it comes to B2B telemarketing. We work collaboratively with you to fully understand your needs and pain points, consistently delivering top-notch telemarketing services for lawyers

If you’re ready to enhance your B2B marketing efforts and operate within the legal sector, contact us now. We look forward to discussing how Novus can help to market your legal services.

WHY NOVUS Works For Lawyers

What Is The Difference Between Telesales For Lawyers and Telemarketing?

Telesales aims to directly sell legal products and services, to consumers or other businesses while telemarketing for lawyers places more emphasis on relationship-building. Our approach is centred on nurturing B2B connections rather than solely focusing on direct selling.

Lead Generation For Lawyers

Novus specialises in establishing and nurturing valuable B2B relationships by effectively communicating the diverse legal services lawyers have to offer. Our focus extends beyond transactional interactions, as we rather prioritise creating lasting connections within the law. Lawyers can also gain valuable insights into the market they may wish to target, as telemarketing reports serve as a useful tool to understand their potential B2B client base.

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