Lead Generation For Law Firms

We are experts in developing customised lead-generation strategies for law firms with our unique telemarketing services. Given the short time frame and high amount of work experienced by many law industry professionals, we are convinced that our strategies will help you secure new clients.

With our proven telemarketing experience, we will get your law firm in touch with the correct leads promptly.

Strategising Lead Generation Telemarketing Campaigns

We provide more than just traditional lead generation services; we provide dedicated business development counselling and support to law firms. This encompasses structuring and conducting targeted telemarketing campaigns that facilitate the acquisition of new clients for your practice in general, regardless of industry. 

We pledge to be there every step of the way through the telemarketing campaign. Our quality services have been meticulously designed to address the unique needs and perspectives of legal practitioners.

Our commitment to your success extends throughout the campaign’s cycle. From identifying potential clients to the critical stage of securing new business, we remain a dedicated partner at every step. With a focus solely on the desired outcomes for our accounting partners, our lead generation services are tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of accounting professionals, ensuring a successful campaign.

Novus goes above and beyond classic lead generation tactics, providing unique growth opportunities we fully personalise for our law firm partners.

Prior to the launch, Novus determines the needed volume and duration of the campaign, as well as the working schedule based on the market analysis. Our consultation, held over the phone or in a video conference, helps gather the required information that allows us to create a strong script, conveying the value of your legal services efficiently.

After conducting research to understand the scope and duration of the campaign and its scheduling, a briefing is required to collect additional data. After that, we will be able to develop a message that will build perceived value in your services.

Working With Novus

To start our partnership, do not hesitate to make a call, and we will talk about your firm’s priorities, plans for growth, and dreams.

Get in Touch

Contact us to discuss how our telemarketing campaigns can be adjusted to suit the needs of lead generation for law firms.

Tell Us More

Tell us about your company’s ambitions and services, the target audience, and the information you lack; we will plan a telemarketing campaign based on your input.

Generate Leads

Armed with valuable data, we will start your campaign to ensure efficient results.

Getting Quality Legal Leads Through Telemarketing

This emphasis on quality as opposed to quantity ensures a comprehensive background and quality check for every lead our telemarketing generates, making it perfectly suited to a law firm’s specialised services. We leverage our sound industry expertise to develop telemarketing campaigns that offer high-quality leads and opportunities, and which stand a higher likelihood of resulting in a lifelong relationship with the client. Our calls will have a significant positive effect on your law practice’s continuous growth and success.

Hear What Our Clients Say About Us

Hear What Our Clients Say About Us

Why Work With Us?

Budget-friendly services

We collaborate closely with you to tailor our services to fit within your budget constraints.

Transparent pricing

The price we quote is the final price you pay—no hidden fees, ever.

Assured ROI

Our specialisation in generating leads through telemarketing guarantees that you achieve the ROI you desire.

Learn how you can have meaningful conversations with your prospects

Once you reach out to us, we’ll promptly get in touch to schedule a detailed discussion with you. This session will provide insights into how we consistently achieve results for our clients and explore how we might assist your firm in similar ways.

What you'll get from the call:

Consult with a telemarketing expert to discover how Novus can catalyse growth for your law firm.

Learn about our proven track record, showcasing the substantial ROI our clients achieve through partnering with us.

Gain a clear perspective on how telemarketing aligns with your firm’s business model.

Understand the necessary steps and timelines to launch and run a successful campaign together.

How We’re Different

Our strategy is extremely effective, specially catered to law firms’ requirements. We provide a top-notch service which becomes part of your team, and work hand in hand to provide exclusive leads from exclusive markets, qualified clients and their requirements, and establish your dominance as the expert in this field. This is the hallmark of our confidence that our telemarketers will bring measurable outcomes for your legal firm.

Cost-Effective Model

Save money on expenses and overhead with our performance-driven model. Our model does not have the costs and operational expenses associated with traditional employment.

Unique Lead Generation Strategy

Novus offers a special lead generation model that was specifically developed with legal clients in mind, differentiating it from existing lead generation models.

Extension of Your Team

We discover ideal clients, confirm their needs, make them look to you as an authority, and make deals happen.

Guaranteed number of new customers

Our innovative model ensures that you are getting more clients and generating more leads, which makes it easy to manage the supply and continuity of potential business.

High quality leads

Good leads are hard to find. However, the service we offer was designed to do exactly that: we find leads who meet your criteria, saving you time, money and resources.

Successful customer conversion

Our partnership with law firms often sees pauses because we efficiently convert potential leads into paying clients, requiring breaks to manage new client inflow.

Legal leads with high intent

Our legal leads will convert well, thanks to a steady flow of inbound inquiries with high intent.

Progressive Lead Generation For Law Firms

Novus provides more than just lead generation; we offer a full-fledged business development solution designed to help your law firm expand and acquire new clients.

Our approach to lead generation involves a variety of approaches that go above and beyond merely making cold calls. Instead, we prioritise online strategies that actively reach out to potential clients when they are most needed.

We also engage with your firm during the process, engaging in in-depth market research that allows us to determine your campaign’s scope, overall size, and its total duration.

We perform rigorous market research to determine your campaign’s optimal size, duration, and timeframe. Initial consultations, whether in-person or by phone, are critical for understanding the information needed to develop scripts, engage clients, and bring new leads and clients to your firm.

Getting New Business For Law Firms

Full Control Over Your Pipeline

Choosing the number of potential clients you want to attract enables you to take the guessing game out of planning and allows for more accurate forecasting.

Optimal Resource and Time Usage

Lead generation should not distract you from the most important thing – your firm’s legal services. We generate leads, you put them to use at a time that is convenient for you.

Access to Telemarketing Professionals

Our team of performers are professional telemarketers who know how to find high-quality leads. This allows their meetings to be income-effective.

Strategising To Achieve Your Goals

At Novus, we tailor our telemarketing lead generation strategy with your ultimate goals in mind. Our dynamic approaches are designed to adapt to the specific needs of your campaign, functioning as a dedicated member of your team to forge significant connections that align with your objectives. With our deep expertise in telemarketing and a team of trained sales professionals at your disposal, we work collaboratively to ensure your return on investment is maximised.

Focus on Income Generating Activities
Outsourcing your telemarketing and lead generation allows you to concentrate on what you do best and what generates revenue for your firm. This enables you and your legal team to devote time to clients who contribute to your firm’s financial health.

Identifying Target Audiences
Working with Novus means leveraging our dynamic strategies not only to use telemarketing to forge valuable relationships but also to apply our insights to identify other relevant audiences. Our understanding of the legal sector and current market trends allows us to add value by exploring new prospects, potentially broadening your current client base.

Exclusive Leads from Novus

Unlock the potential of future clients who are actively searching online with our sophisticated lead generation strategies. We go beyond simply providing contact details – we deliver exclusive leads by pinpointing their specific needs, current pricing considerations, and decision-making timelines.

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