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At Novus Business Connections we have the knowledge and experience to generate high-level business to business (B2B) appointments for you. Our focus is for you to win new business and build sustainable new business pipelines.

Novus call and book fully qualified appointments using our clients name, not ‘on behalf of’ our clients and we have a clear process from 'on-boarding' through to full reporting and de-brief for our clients upon completion of their campaign. To maximise on our delivery and results we use bespoke calling software, allowing us to both call and report in full detail on individual records and campaign activity. Importantly and as you may expect, we are also fully GDPR compliant.


Novus deliver our appointment setting service via a range of calling campaigns, differing in length and objectives. We tailor the appointment setting campaigns to meet our clients specific requirements and goals. Costings for different appointment setting campaigns vary according to length, complexity and objectives agreed with our clients. However, one thing we insure is the ability to see a clear Return on investment (ROI). 


Hopefully the above gives you a flavour for who Novus are and what we do as a business. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you further our specific experience, to share experiences and to discuss in more detail your project or requirement to see how Novus to assist. 


B2B Appointment Setting and Lead Generation 

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For any business entity to survive, it must have quality business to business (B2B) leads. This concept is what we specialise in at Novus Business Connections. We use our expertise to convert data into quality, qualified B2B appointments. Our service allows you to focus on what you do best, while we set you b2b appointments - generating you sales opportunities. 


Our Process

Design the Strategy

With you, we design a message ('hook') to use for the calling campaign. We utilise our expertise and experience to come up with the best strategies to use for each campaign. We also research any stakeholders that may be involved with the prospects as well as the data we have.

Our team creates a guide for each campaign using the best closing and conversion techniques at a peer to peer level. For better results, we take our time to carefully create a unique message that will work for each company.


Reaching out

Our team proceeds to communicate with the intended parties based using pre-agreed messaging. A dedicated member of the team will then begin to make professional contact with these leads. 

Although we reach out to the leads with our client's names, we don't act as stand-ins for them - when a qualified opportunity arises we will book an appointment for our client to run with. Our calling software makes it easy for us to call and give reports on each prospect while we monitor the progress of the campaign.


Conversion and Debriefing

 After the campaign, a session (either face to face or on the phone) is held with you to inform you about the results of the campaign.

Why Use Our Lead Generation and Appointment Services


  • Best tools to increase sales:


Using cutting edge software and report tracking, our campaigns are properly reported and monitored so you can easily track the progress. Your meetings are booked faster and easier with proper management, giving you both peace of mind and a clear return on investment. 

  • Quality appointments:


Our team operate every call made at a peer to peer level with a strong knowledge of our client and what they want out of the call. This allows you to focus on your core competencies. Once a meaningful conversation has been had with your prospect, we qualify the lead and book you a face to face appointment. 

  • Multi-pronged approach:


In marketing today, using only one platform to reach leads is just not enough, there are a lot of marketing choices out there. Our campaigns are often the final and most effective closing marketing tool once other marketing avenues have been used, such as email, social media, websites, and livechat options. Working with data 'warmed up' by other marketing tools allows our clients to maximise on their marketing spend by allowing us to close them to meaningful business opportunities. 

We would love to sit down with you and see how we can help expand your business. Please do contact us via any of the phone or email options below.