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There is a need to find appropriate clients with other companies and build a trusting and beneficial relationship. Our company specialises in providing B2B telemarketing to all of our clients to expand their reach and gather feedback. B2B telemarketing is suitable for qualifying prospects, creating awareness, conducting research, lead generation, and building partnerships. 

Our Process


Define Your Objectives


We help you discover the best campaign suitable for your company by figuring out the size, length, and operational hours of the campaign. 

Next, our experts learn about your company and you provide us with any necessary information we might need. This helps us to compose the script we will use to capture attention and build value. This is done via a targeted briefing call/face to face appointment with you. 


Campaign Launch


We start the telemarketing campaign by contacting your prospects. As the campaign goes on, we work on refining the laid out script to coincide with the new information we got from making the calls. We regularly evaluate and monitor these calls to determine the progress of the campaign. 


Results of the Campaign


After the campaign, we present a report showing a full break down of the campaign. From this, we highlight areas that require attention to yield better results. We also identify all of the prospects that need additional follow-up by qualified sales reps. 

B2B Telemarketing Services

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Types of B2B Telemarketing You Can Use


Outbound Lead Generation


We use a vetted contact list to call prospects and convert them to appointments.  By speaking to the decision-makers, we will be creating relevant interest in your firm. One way to ensure success is to concentrate on how your services can be beneficial to the company. Once we have had a meaningful conversation with your prospect, we proceed with setting an appointment with them for you. 


Outbound Campaign Support


Here, we make calls to help with the other active campaigns. This can go a long way in increasing interest in your company. This could range from event follow-ups, email campaign follow-ups or website tracking/website enquiry follow up. 


Inbound Sales Support


This will help you reach out to anyone with a slight interest in the company, including visitors on your website or callers who ask to be more educated about your service. Our inbound sales team would have complete knowledge of your company so we understand the services you offer. This puts us in a better position to answer all of the questions any prospect may have.

From these calls,  we determine the most qualified prospects to follow-up on and pass them back to you as face to face appointments. 


Why not let your salespeople focus on what they do best – selling and closing. We will generate prospects for them to work on. Contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can move your business forward.