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We repeatedly work with a number of top accountants, including 3 of the 'Top 10' UK accountants and many of the top 30 firms. One of our founders comes from 15+ years as a sales director within 'Top 10' UK based professional firms, allowing Novus to have a real insight into what accountancy firms need and expect when using telemarketing for accountants.
It is safe to say that we truly understand the importance and expertise needed around telemarketing for accountants in order for a campaign to be a success for our clients.  
'We are the link between our clients and their prospects' 

A few example telemarketing campaigns for accountants:


  • Research and development (R&D) appointment setting 

  • Grants appointment setting

  • Capital allowance appointment setting 

  • Outsourced accountancy contracts - fact find and appointment setting 

  • Sector specific campaigns - appointment setting and market intel 

  • Event invitations / follow up from events 

  • Client surveys - market knowledge campaign 

  • Data cleansing campaign 

  • Bespoke telemarketing campaigns for accountants


The benefit of telemarketing for accountants
Whatever the sector, service or objective our clients benefit from working with Novus for a number of reasons.  We would be interested to talk to you about your requirements and explain further how we could successfully work with you. Below are the most common reason our clients continue to work with us time and time again.
  • Expertise and knowledge    
  • Outsourcing 
  • Proven results 
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When most marketing strategies for accountants fail, the problem is not the unavailability of clients, but how to reach them. A lot of marketing techniques that only aim to create awareness or develop brands fail to convert leads. The most effective way to get new clients is by meeting with prospects, but how do you convince them to meet with you? This is where we come in.

Novus Business Connections delivers the best quality sales prospects for accountants. We offer you an opportunity to meet clients, relate to their issues, and show the value and solutions you can bring to the table.


How Our Telemarketing Process Works


The Campaign

Our campaign is launched based on the reasons people would want to meet with you. The campaign will aim to resonate with your prospects and the needs of business/business owners - ensuring you gain qualified, meaningful face to face appointments. 

Our expertise and experience in this industry will also make converting these leads easier as we understand the nuances others may not. 


Client Introduction

Our process helps ensure the appointments we book for you gives you the best opportunity to close to new business. 


Why Choose Us


  • Positive Track Record


 For years, we have used telemarketing to get new clients for accountants and have a track record of positive results. We strive to provide maximum satisfaction to all our clients, ensuring their ROI is always in mind. 


  • Uniqueness

We are uniquely placed to work successfully with you, having a wealth of experience on 'your side of the fence' (as described below) as well as a huge amount of telemarketing experience and an experienced, quality calling team who operate with quality at a peer to peer level. 


  • Experience in the Accountancy Industry


One of the founders of our firm has had more than 15 years of experience as a sales director in one of the ‘Top 10’ professional firms in the UK. This, among several other factors, gives us a very real understanding of the accounting firms and the ability to fully meet your needs. We have also provided our service to some of the top accountancy firms in the UK. 


Aren't you tired of spending so much money on marketing that doesn't lead to growth? Our Telemarketing technique gets you in contact with your ideal clients. Let us work with you and help increase your ROI.

If you have questions, contact us today and we can choose a convenient time to meet and discuss how to move your marketing forward. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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