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Telemarketing for insurance brokers
We work repeatedly with a number of insurance brokers, including large, global insurance brokers and specialist brokers. With our high-level telemarketing service for the insurance sector, we provide a number of different campaigns for our clients. 
With our deep understanding of the quality and expectations of both insurance brokers and their clients we are well placed to provide new clients with the qualified new business opportunities our current clients have come to expect from our services. 
'We are the link between our clients and their prospects' 

A few example telemarketing campaigns for insurance brokers


  • Renewal date telemarketing campaign 

  • Event invitations / event follow up 

  • Client surveys

  • Data cleansing campaign

  • Bespoke telemarketing campaigns for insurance brokers  


The benefit of telemarketing for insurance brokers
Whatever the sector, service or objective our clients benefit from working with Novus for a number of reasons.  We would be interested to talk to you about your requirements and explain further how we could successfully work with you. Below are the most common reason our clients continue to work with us time and time again.
  • Expertise and knowledge -   
  • Outsourcing - 
  • Proven results - 
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