Does Telemarketing Still Work?

A lot of people believe that telemarketing and telesales are no longer relevant in 2020. The fact is that there is still a lot of telemarketing done in 2020 that yield favourable results.

Even in the advent of social media, there is still a need for human interaction as some prospects can’t be turned without it. In a lot of industries, telemarketing is still more effective than the use of social media platforms. Ultimately, what determines the effectiveness of your telemarketing campaign and conversion rates is your staff.

The reason people don’t think telemarketing is relevant in 2020 is that they use incompetent telemarketing staff that don’t give favourable results.

At Novus Business Connections, we focus on all types of telemarketing to generate quality leads. Why don’t you use a professional company with a proven history of successful telemarketing campaigns? Here are some of the reasons our telemarketing strategies will work and generate appointments for you:

We Know Our Stuff

All of our telemarketers do extensive research to collect relevant information about the subject matter or company. We understand that knowing everything possible about the topic is one of the most important factors. We are always prepared to answer questions from prospects. This keeps the conversation going and increases interest in the company.

Professional Callers

One of the biggest complaints about modern telemarketing is that people often say calls feel like a conversation with a robot. Our telemarketers know better than to read a script word for word or make generic statements. Our callers make sure the conversations go with a natural flow.


We understand that some of the prospects have several other companies that are interested in them. It’s therefore important to leave an impression and stand out from the crowd. We understand that the first couple of seconds into the phone call is very important to create rapport with prospects and set the tone of the conversation.

Verified Data

All of our data are double-checked to ensure the right people get the phone calls. It’s important to only contact those interested in the product or service to avoid wasting valuable time. With us, you can be sure of updated data that targets the right people.

Straight to the Point

Nobody likes a caller who beats around the bush without getting to the purpose of the call. Our callers hit the nail on the head and get the message across in the first few seconds of the call to grab the prospect’s attention. We also understand it’s necessary to be as clear as possible so prospects can understand the information.


We have several years of experience in this field and you can rest assured that there is no scenario too difficult for us to handle. Our telemarketers have been doing this for a long while so when one of them calls a prospect, it’s with confidence and a relaxed voice. Sounding confident can do wonders when it comes to building trust with a prospect.

Contact us today for all your B2B appointment settings, data cleansing, and market research telemarketing.

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