How We Get to Know Our Clients at Novus

If you’ve not taken the first step by contacting us to get us to control your telemarketing, this blog post will help you better understand our process.

We will engage you in a briefing call to take you through our process and obtain relevant information for a successful campaign. This is the first step to running a successful campaign, so here’s what’s involved.

The briefing call process and questions usually entail the following:


Understanding Your Business


To establish the groundwork of our relationship, we start with getting information about your business operations. This includes but is not limited to services you render or products you offer and everything it entails. Your processes are also important to us. We’ll allow you to walk us through your process, detailing a typical day at work for you so we can fully visualise your objectives and go from there. 

Other relevant information about your company includes your objectives, office locations, and your potential clients. Relevant information about other clients you have worked with or serviced in the past that you can share would be a great addition to crafting our campaigns. Any additional information you think is necessary about your company, products, or services is welcome as it will help make us design a more targeted campaign.


Why is This Necessary?


  • Since we will be representing your company, it is essential to know everything about your products and services to speak to its benefits and answer any questions adequately.
  • Details about your company and your target audience will guide us on our telemarketing language and campaign.
  • Informing prospects about any well-known clients will further encourage them to learn more about you and make it easier to convert them.


Who Are You Targeting?

This is where we find out who you intend to convert with this campaign, whether it is your entire target audience or just a section of it. Our team will also push to get insights into why you target that particular group of people, which sector of the business they lie in, and their size. 

Based on your experience in the field, we also enquire about the specific pain points or objections prospects in this field might have about your service/product based on past behaviour.

The next phase of the discussion will cover the number of staff and in-depth details about the product or the service we are marketing to them. We will get a better picture of your requirements and your needs to proceed with other steps.

Why Is This Necessary?


  • This stage is necessary for crafting a buyer persona that will inform our later decisions in the campaign.
  • Sometimes we will launch a pilot project with this information to better depict our understanding of your target audience and for your approval.
  • Your target audience informs us of how many resources we will need for the campaign and the type of language that would be most appropriate.
  • It equips us for possible objections from the prospects to come up with ways to answer their potential questions and present value.


Understanding Your Campaign Objectives

Our team then moves over to ask questions that will explain why you want to start a campaign and its motivation. Common reasons for a campaign are the need to expand to a broader audience, introduce a new product, etc.; they all have a different method and process to ensure success. The first step to generating an effective campaign is knowing the objectives to develop an actionable plan with those objectives in mind.

In this stage, we outline your desired outcomes from this campaign and the parameters for measuring the results. We often like to set well-defined time frames at each step of the campaign and compare it with our progress when the campaign starts.

Why Is This Necessary?


  • Monitor our progress in the campaign
  • Fully understand the value proposition and scope of the campaign.


Confirming the Attendees of Qualified Appointments

The end goal of any telemarketing campaign is to set appointments that will help convert the prospect. To do that properly, we need to know who will be representing you when we put these appointments and establish a relationship with them. The person must have the same values we tell our prospective customers and embodies them boldly. We would need an understanding of the individual, which could sometimes mean meeting in-person to complete the picture.

Why Is This Necessary?


  • It allows us to paint a clearer picture of your prospects and stay accurate with our description.
  • Presenting your representative’s best and realistic picture is the first step to getting the prospect to trust you and making it easier for them to convert.

Confirm Diary Dates

After getting to know your representative (s) of your company for the appointment, we confirm their availability and match diaries with them. We also keep in constant communication as talks with the prospects continue to ensure every stakeholder is aware of the progress.

Why Is This Necessary?


  • It ensures the appointment is set convenient for every stakeholder and is present for it.


Deciding the Hook 

Even though we know what your product solves or your services offer, we still need to hook the prospect of solving their problem and getting them interested in the product. This is the unique service proposition, and it usually varies for every individual, but a target audience or your prospects will usually have similar benefits that will appeal to them.

This is where we bring up new rules, benefits or special considerations relevant to the prospects and discuss them with you. We gather any information that has the potential to grab the prospect’s attention and decide if it appeals to the entire target audience or just an aspect. We put down details of all this and come to a conclusion describing all the propositions and USPs we are offering.

Why Is This Necessary?


  • A killer hook is what gets the appointments set and gets the prospects eager to meet.
  • By discussing the USPs or propositions, we learn how it affects your product or service and comes to the best conclusions.
  • Getting the right hook that gives value to the prospects will accelerate the campaign’s conversion process and overall success.


Handling Possible Objections

It is important to arm ourselves with as much information as possible before starting the campaign, including common objections we may face. As the one offering the product or service, you would have faced some common objections in the past, which we need to prepare ourselves for and convert the leads.

Why Is This Necessary?


  • It prepares us for any possible roadblocks we might encounter
  • It puts us in a better position to answer any of their questions or objections and prepare answers that will impress them.


Confirming Campaign Details

We check with you and go over all of the campaign details again and ensure everyone is on the same page before starting. This will include the start date of the appointment, objectives, metrics to determine success, point person to contact in your organisation and other relevant details to the campaign.

Why Is This Necessary?


  • We do this to let everyone involved know every aspect of the campaign and the processes we follow.
  • Both parties will document all the aspects of the campaign shared to serve as a reference point in times of confusion.


Explain Processes for When Appointments Are Booked?

In the last order of business, we explain our step-by-step process after setting fully qualified appointments and a need for further Emails. 


  • Our representative will coordinate the prospect’s calendar and check availability with your representative before setting a date for the appointment.
  • We will collect relevant contact information, including Emails and share it between both parties for better communication and planning.
  • We will send out invitations to both the prospect and you to select the most preferred meeting medium.
  • Both sides will select the meeting medium, and after agreeing, you will need to confirm availability.
  • We give you the required information and details we have acquired about the prospect while setting the appointment to enable you to prepare adequately for the meeting.
  • We develop all of the information about the prospect into a complete buyer persona detailing what the prospect wants, their concerns and the features or services they are most passionate about and how to meet them.

Why Is This Necessary?


  • This keeps all the parties informed to know what to expect at each stage.
  • It gives you all the necessary information you need to approach the prospect and tell them precisely what they want to convert them.
  • It ensures there are no misunderstandings and keeps the communication channels open between all the parties.
  • It gives the prospects a peek into how we handle your operations, further making them more receptive to purchasing your service or goods.


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